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  • Hi I tried several Widget Logic plugins and the one that worked let me control only one widget at the time. In white rock theme there are 2 widgets for I can only edit one at the time. The rest of the menu categories are not showing....:((((((. The site is if you want to look.....
  • mikemike Administrator
    Try sending christinarule an e-mail as she had no problems setting up the widget. Make sure you check the documentation. If you have any plugin related questions, it's best to ask the plugin author.
  • Ok....but you have no solution?
  • mikemike Administrator
    I have linked to many solutions already.

    christinarule provided a solution with the widget logic plugin

    I answered you here:
  • ok I think that I found solution :))))) ...get "Display Widgets" plug in. No coding etc. just visually check pages where you want your menu category to display. Let me know if that worked for you.
  • I HAVE ANOTHER SOLUTION !! (for all users)
    step 1 : go to the "function.php" (duplicate for save) use "function.php"
    copy this : register_sidebar( array( 'name' => __( 'Menu Widgets Column 2', 'progression' ), 'id' => 'menu-widgets-col-2', 'before_widget' => '', 'before_title' => '

    ', 'after_title' => '

    ', ) );

    past after and change "name and ID reapet for the second column save "function.php"

    Step 2 : duplicate the page : "menu-page-2-col" and rename the second page "menu-page-2-colb" change the name of "dynamique_sidebar" by the name using in "function.php" repeat for the second column. and : Change the "Template name" (line 2) after go to the widget menu, and use the new widget, after : create a newpage with the new template page.

    I'ts all right.but if want another page (page manu 3...repaet this process
  • mikemike Administrator
    Thanks for the updates and code examples. Many buyers will appreciate it!
  • tutu1009tutu1009 Member
    edited June 2013
    First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH woozban!!!!! You saved my day!!! :D

    However, I'm going to add in some more smaller steps to yours so it's easier to understand.

    Things to prepare and backup:

    1) Backup "function.php" in your harddrive -
    The file should be under //wp-content/themes/white-rock/
    (I'm not sure how other people duplicate it, but I use FileZilla to save a
    copy on my harddrive. Just in case anything is screwed up there will be a backup.)

    2) Make a copy of "menu-page-2-col.php" and rename the copy to "menu-page-2-colb.php"
    (What I did was, save a copy of "menu-page-2-col.php" in my harddrive,
    rename it to "menu-page-2-colb.php", and then upload it back to the same directory)


    1) On the left hand panel, click on "Appearance" and then "Editor"
    (A list of templates will show up on the right hand side)
    2) Click on "Theme Functions (function.php)"
    3) Search for the chunk of text that contains the text "Menu Widgets Column 2" in it,
    copy the whole chunk, and paste it twice below it.

    4) Change the "name" and "id" so it will look like something like the following:

    register_sidebar( array(
    'name' => __( 'Menu Widgets Column 1B', 'progression' ),
    'id' => 'menu-widgets-col-1b',
    ) );

    register_sidebar( array(
    'name' => __( 'Menu Widgets Column 2B', 'progression' ),
    'id' => 'menu-widgets-col-2b',
    ) );

    5) Save the file by clicking on the blue "Update File" button
    6) Refresh the webpage
    7) Go into Appearance -> Editor again
    (The new template "menu-page-2-colb.php" should display on the right hand
    panel, if not, try to refresh again)
    8) Click on "menu-page-2-colb.php"
    9) On the 2nd line of code, change the Template Name to "Menu Page 2B Column"
    10) In the middle section of the code, you can see

    "dynamic_sidebar( 'Menu Widgets Column 1' )" and
    "dynamic_sidebar( 'Menu Widgets Column 2' )"

    Change it to:

    "dynamic_sidebar( 'Menu Widgets Column 1B' )" and
    "dynamic_sidebar( 'Menu Widgets Column 2B' )"

    11) Save the file by clicking on the blue "Update File" button

    You're done! Now you will be able to see them in the Widgets menu and the Page Template list.

    Hope this helps!
  • Awsome!!!!!! This worked like a charm. Recommendation is while you're adding, think ahead and add a column for each column of your menu. For example, when a menu is placed in front of you, you open it. It likely has two columns on the first page. If you want your online web menu to mimic your real menu. You will have to take a category and split it up.
  • Probably the best support I have seen on a forum. Thanks tutu.
  • Hi. Sorry. Just a (hopefully) quick one. You have provided the solution for a second 2 column menu, but what if I need two pages that both use just one column? Should I repeat the steps above but using the menu-page.php instead?
  • mikemike Administrator
    Yep, just use the single column example instead of two :-)
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