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How can I make the title bar smaller? The one belo logo and menu I need to make it a little bit smaller?


  • mikemike Administrator
    Can you post a link to a page and then the particular text. I am not sure what text you are speaking of? I am going to guess the title of the page?
  • http://temtatinha.sotestando.com.br/produtos/ Todos os Produtos

    http://temtatinha.sotestando.com.br/sobre/ Sobre

    The Red Title Bar with the White title The title the corespondent to menus

    Click on the menu and the page that show on the red bar
  • mikemike Administrator
    That can be adjusted with custom css (style.css) or Theme Options > Tools Tab > Custom CSS:

    #page-title h1 {color:#000000 !important;}
  • it's not the color it's the height.......I want to change right now it's 132 px height I need it to be 90 px height.
  • mikemike Administrator
    You can adjust the height with CSS as well. Just add margins/padding to the same class.
  • mikemike Administrator
    Sorry, you didn't find this helpful. We don't provide free customizations but you can easily adjust the height via a margin/padding as mentioned above.

    #page-title h1 {margin-top:15px !important; margin-bottom:15px !important;}
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