Camp now supports WooCommerce 2.0!

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We just released a theme update for Camp. You can login to your ThemeForest account and download it for free. Once you have updated your theme, you can update your WooCommerce plugin to version 2.0.

Please note we recommend backing up your files before you update just in case. Also, we recommend testing your site before updating to make sure you don't lose any changes (Customizations made after you purchased the theme will likely be lost unless you back-up the files):

Below we have some directions if you are upgrading to Camp 2.0. We recommend browsing the videos before updating.

Updating Initial Theme Files:

Updating Homepage Slider + Widgets:

Updating Contact Page + Portfolios:

Updating Blog & Portfolio Meta:

Camp - Theme File/Structure Updates:

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this support forum. We are happy to help.


  • My web designer purchased and installed the camp theme for me. I do not have an account with theme forrest. Is there a way to download the updated camp theme file without proof of purchase.
  • mikemike Administrator
    You will need a proof of purchase to download. If that's not possible, try sending ThemeForest support an e-mail and explain your situation. The more proof, the faster you will get everything resolved of course.
  • Thank you so much for the update and videos! However, I've made a tremendous amount of edits (mostly cosmetic, formatting) to tailor the theme to our brand. Is there a change log so that I may only replace the necessary files needed to update? You can visit our site at (still on the Camp v1)

    I tried to upload a fresh copy of the theme and when activated, it erased all of my formatting settings. Any tips on updating and retaining all of the theme settings?

    Thanks again
  • mikemike Administrator
    Here are some tips I gave to another buyer about updates:

    Summary: It is a pain to update due to WooCommerce 2.0 being such a large update that isn't backwards compatible. The upside is it should run WAY faster and be easier to modify/extend. They will likely not do any update like this until years down the road. Future updates should be minimal and not require any Camp Updates.

    PS. Great job with the theme!
  • Upgrading the theme worked. Thanks!
  • I bought this theme in 2012, and can't find the download for the update on themeforest... Can you help?
    Hi Stephani ,
    Thanks for purchasing Camp - Responsive eCommerce Theme by ProgressionStudios
    Download your purchase
    Camp - Responsive eCommerce Theme Licence

  • mikemike Administrator
    You can download all updates for free. Just login to ThemeForest from the account you purchased and go to your downloads. The version available to download is the latest version.
  • I purchased the template 8/21/2012 and when I log into THemeforest it doesn't show up as a download....
  • mikemike Administrator
    You need to login from the account you original purchased the theme from. It will always remain in your downloads unless we discontinue the product. It is still available so it will be available to download from the account you originally purchased. You should check your records to make sure what account purchased the files. If you are certain you have the correct account but the download isn't available, contact envato support for help:
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