Multi-language (WPML) Property Types issue

I´m using WPML plugin with Freehold theme. I have activated the Property Type "translate" option in WPML "Translation Management -> Multilingual Content Setup".

The problem is with the extra property types: homepage, featured and widget.

If I translate these property types doesn't work to select where to appear a property in the homepage (slider, featured widget,...) and are shown in the property types widget (instead to be hidden).

If I don't translate them doesn't appear when adding a new property (right sidebar of the back office).

Any help? Thanks in advance


  • mikemike Administrator
    I assume this is because your translated type is like "homepage-it" or with the language ID at the end.

    If you want to exclude these additoinal categories from areas, see:

    Sidebar on property post:
    $terms = wp_list_filter($terms, array('slug'=>'featured'),'NOT');

    Just add your additional ids you don't want to show:

    Homepage, Widgets:

    Adjust the query:
    'terms' => 'featured'

    and add-in the excluded terms or additional terms as needed:
    'terms' => array('featured','featured-it','featured-ge')

    This is all explained in older threads as well fi you need additional examples.
  • azpiriazpiri Member
    Done! Works perfect. Thanks so much Mike.
  • azpiriazpiri Member
    Done! Works perfect. Thanks so much Mike.
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