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I am not getting any products to pull up from the Camp_Featured_Product widget.

I checked the box under Products>Product>Product Data>Featured checkbox and updated it to no avail. I then rewatched your video on creating a homepage to listen to the two sentences where you mention the Featured Product widget and you do explicitly say the product must belong to a category called "featured". So I created a featured category (though this is less desirable) and added a product to it, also to no avail. So I then made a category "Featured", that also did not work. I have also tried both adding it to both the featured check box and the
"[fF]eatured" categories. While I knew it wouldn't help I decided to do it just to say I had exhausted all options before posting here in the support forum.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration,



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    I can confirm everything is working on the theme based on multiple buyer feedback and testing.

    Featured Products Widget on Homepage:
    Camp Homepage Featured Products widget pulls from a shop category. That shop category is "featured". Create a category called "featured" and add any items to that category you want to display in that homepage widget. This is covered at the end of this video: http://www.screenr.com/0tq8

    Featured Products CheckBox inside of post edit area:
    This is for the WooCommerce Featured Products Widget that goes in sidebars. It is unrelated to the homepage widget. Homepage widgets are labeled homepage.

    Go ahead and post a link to your website homepage and I will check it out if you are still having trouble.
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    Clarification, this is the category that is pulled into the Homepage Featured Widget:

    Here is a discussion explaining why and how to change it if you want :-):
  • I tried changing the line: $args = array( ‘showposts’ => $posts, ‘post_type’ => ‘product’, ‘posts_per_page’ => $columns, ‘product_cat’ => ‘featured’); to a different category and still can not get the featured items to show on home page.

    URL: http://www.aumshirts.com/
  • mikemike Administrator
    Go ahead and upload the original file again for that widget.

    The problem you are having is because you must have renamed your featured category or had two of them. See: http://www.aumshirts.com/product-category/featured-2/

    "featured-2" is the slug. Just go into the category and edit it so the slug is just "featured". Then it will work properly.
  • That did it, I did not know I should have used the slug
  • mikemike Administrator
    Yeah, normally the slug will be the same as the category name (Easier to explain it as category name*). Sorry for any confusion. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  • After getting the featured items figured out the client now wants that area to show the categories instead. Is there a way to show the categories like they show on the shop page on the home page instead of the featured items.
  • mikemike Administrator
    You can either create a custom widget or edit the existing /widgets/"Featured Widget" (It might be easy since some of the code is already written for you).

    You can see the custom calls to the categories in the "content-product_cat.php" file. Also, you can just build the call straight into the homepage.php file if you are uncomfortable editing the widgets. Here is documentation on the WooCommerce files:

    Note: We don't support customizations so this is something you will have to do for your client. There are many alternative ways to achieve this though so you have options.
  • When viewing the price of the product ex. http://www.aumshirts.com/ or the shop page or the details page where can I remove the word from in the price. I do have a custom calculation for an xx-l shirt but I do not want to see the word from in the price.
  • mikemike Administrator
    The homepage widgets can be found in the /widgets folder. Other templates that include this text:

    You can find a list of all the woo commerce templates in the woocommerce documentation:
  • I trying to change the slug become featured..the featured product can show it, but the slider gone..how to setting about this?
  • mikemike Administrator
    The slider pulls in "featured" posts from the portfolio type. The featured products widget pulls in "featured" products from the product type.
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